High volume data entry

  • entry of individual information (generation of Elector's Voter ID cards, PAN Cards for Income Tax Department)
  • entry of Survey forms (Below Poverty Line Census, Govt. Of Rajasthan)
  • entry of Accounts Transactions for financial institutions. (Daily Vouchers, invoices, and other transactions)
  • entry of candidate registration for examinations (Competitive Examinations, Education Boards)
  • entry from digital images, that is, image to text transcrpitions for various kinds of documents such as tax records, medical records, survey forms, Application forms and diaries


  • Download and import of images of documents through high bandwidth connection
  • Keying of documents throughout the day in multiple shifts
  • Transmitting the keyed data back to the client with in 24 hrs

Scanning and Digitization

  • scanning of photo voter summaries to extract information and photographs
  • scanning of survey forms and reading multiple choice answers though ICR
  • Scanning of examination answersheets and reading values through OMR and Barcodes
  • Scanning of Application Forms and extracting Photographs and reading Individual data through ICR
  • Scanning of text documents and reading them through ICR and generating txt, doc, pdf etc file type for the information

Identity Cards Generation

  • (Elector Id Cards, Driving Licenses, PAN Cards, Ration Cards)
  • Collection of data from multiple locations
  • Feeding and synchronization of data
  • Collection of Photographs based on the Generated data through field operations and photography campaigns
  • Merging of data and photographs
  • Generation of Summaries and Checklists
  • Carrying out corrections if needed on the data
  • Generating Photo Summaries of Voters
  • Manufacturing Cards (Printing, Cutting, stamping, hologram pasting and lamination/ Smartcard or magnetic strip cards generation)

Examination Process Management

  • Pre-Examination Process
  • ICR & OMR based candidate registration
  • Validation and Indexing of candidate data and generation of exceptions
  • Generation of Roll Numbers and Allocating Examination Center to candidates
  • Production of Hall Tickets with Photograph and signature of the candidate.
  • Post-Examination Process
  • Reading Answer sheets (involves sheet identification through barcode and reading values through ICR/OMR)
  • Calculating and processing marks to generate the each candidates result
  • Generation of merit lists based on critera like gender, caste, location etc.
  • Production of Marksheets and Passing Certificats
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