Dirghayu LogoThere are several Dirghayu features that help you do a better job of selling. For instance, it helps you to keep track of your prospective clients. It allows you to follow the prospects through the entire cycle of sales, which results in a higher success rate. It facilitates by enabling you to record and effectively use personal information, such as birthdays and marriage anniversaries. The Dirghayu plan feature, which is unique to Dirghayu, allows you to quickly present a plan to a prospective client. Alternately, it helps you to suggest a plan that best suits him and assists you to make proposals and ensure effective follow up. In addition, Dirghayu allows you to manage your time effectively. In a fast moving world, where time is money, it naturally results into many more policies to your credit. As you will explore the various Menu Options of Dirghayu, you will discover your own ways of growing and multiplying your business with the help of Dirghayu.

No Codes Required

Easy, effortless and fast working by eliminating the need for coding for every conceivable details.

Handle unlimited numbers of Group & Agencies

No limitations in handling any number of agency groups & agencies. No limitations in handling any number of individual / family groups of same name.

User defined access rights with Imported Security system

Choice to restrict the access to selected entry/view/print to selected users names. Create any number of users & defined access rights for them.

User Definable letters, Greetings & Reports

A powerful tool of creating & modifying the existing reports, letters, greetings as per you requirements. Even the formats of presentation will be changed as per user requirements.

Intelligent Validation while Entry

Does not allow any erroneous data creation/modification through auto checking. Options need only to be selected out of possible lists.

Automatic Premium Calculation

Lets you know the premium amount & the maturity date of the policy according to the related parameters.

Appointment Pad with Reminder

An exclusive facility to remind your appointments of the day whenever you run Dirghayu.

Pop-up Calculator, Calendar and Word Pad

An in built facility to improve your efficiency.

Solidly convincing plan presentation

A unique feature allows you to quickly present a plan to a prospective client. It helps you to suggest a plan that best suits him. You can propose multiple plans (product mix) by including/excluding the existing policies.

Unique Caption Editor

It gives you flexibility to insert any caption of your choice at the end of each page. E.g. Dirghayu Bhava is a default caption. During Diwali you can insert Happy Diwali etc. You can add some good caption related to insurance business.

Quick eye-glance through Convenient Screen View

It allows you to work out the current value of a policy, its surrender value, loan value & paid up capital with bonus details.

Zoom In-Out

Zooming from policy ledger to policy entry, allows you to modify at any point of time & back to policy ledger.

Other Salient Features:

  • True 32 bit Windows processing with GUI & MDI support
  • Dirghayu Financial Calculator
  • Dormant record processing
  • Instant preparation of reports
  • Convenient Screen Views
  • A valuable facility to prepare greetings on memorable occasions
  • An on-line premium calendar enabling you to manage your precious time for collection
  • A report can be taken on file and can be viewed on screen before finally printing it
  • Page restart facility

Plan Presentations

Suggestive Plan:

  • Single plan Quotation (applicable for all LIC plans)
  • Personalised brochure for your prospectus clients

Dirghayu Plan:

  • Presentation List
  • Premium Summary
  • Risk Cover & Cash Flow
  • LIC V/s PPF Comparison
  • Projection of funds-Availability & Requirements
  • Projection of funds (loans)
  • Projection of funds (loans + SB + Maturity)
  • What if analysis of policy loans when Reinvested
  • Print Yield

Service support

In marketing and in the insurance business in particular, remaining in the good books of your clients is the key to prosperity. We discovered this aspect in the course of our development work while interacting with insurance professionals like you. This is one reason why we have built client servicing as a major component of Dirghayu. You will discover the various features, such as those that provide timely information, helping you to send greetings and responding to a query as you go through this site.

Supportive Features

  • Premium Intimation
  • Maturity Intimation
  • SB Intimation
  • Accrued Bonus Intimation
  • Revival Quotation
  • Greetings- Birthday & Marriage Anniversary

Accounting support

Keeping track of your commissions, quick review of the payment status, keeping a tab on defaulters so that you can influence them to pay their premium before a policy lapses, and several other options ensure that you are always in control of your business.

Routines support

Many of the insurance professionals spend a lot of time in managing the routines such as correspondence, making proposals, answering queries and so on. As a result they are left with little time to be in the field and expand their circle of business. Several features of Dirghayu make you free from the routines. You will discover more of Dirghayu as you begin to use it. You will also be able to use its various features to your advantage and to the advantage of your business.

Intimation Letters

  • Premium Intimation
  • Maturity Intimation
  • Revival Quotation
  • Birthday Greeting
  • Other (Mail Merge) Letter
  • Accrued Bonus Intimation
  • Income tax Certificate letter
  • Premium Reminder Letter
  • S. B. Intimation letter
  • Marriage Anniversary Greetings
  • Premium Mode Change letter
  • Address Change Letter
  • Premium Notice

Monthly Reports

  • Maturity List
  • Due Premium list
  • S. B. List
  • Revival List
  • List of missing Birthdays

Marketing Reports

  • Suggestive Plans
  • Proposal Form
  • Pending Proposal list
  • Projection of Funds

Dirghayu Plans

  • Plan Presentation
  • Risk Cover and Cash Flow
  • Projection of Funds Availability & Requirement
  • Projection of Funds (Loan)Projection of Funds (Loan + S. + Maturity)
  • What If Analysis of Policy Loans when Reinveste
  • Appointment List
  • Table Rate Printing
  • Prospective Client List

Commission Reports

  • Commission Forecast
  • Pending Commission
  • Commission Received
  • Pending Commission letters

Independent Reports

  • Due Premium Calendar
  • Policy Status (Report agent/ client copy)
  • Policy Ledger (with cheque dishonoured entry & commission recovery)
  • New Business Statement (Detailed, Summary planwise, monthwise)
  • Planwise
  • Family (Group) Policy Chart
  • Cash Flow Statement

Classified Policies Reports

  • Group List
  • Individual list
  • Policy List
  • Pending Proposal List
  • Lapsed policy List
  • Policy Status with surrender & loan value
  • Loan List

Other Reports

  • Mailing List
  • Birthday / Marriage Anniversary List
  • Task List
  • Despatch register
  • Commission Bill Summary
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